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Buying a Wedding dress, how it works from start to finish.

Understandably we regularly get asked lots of questions about how you go about buying a wedding dress and how the whole process works from start to finish.

We thought we would do a little blog post about the whole process, from ordering your dress to your wedding day. Hopefully this will help a lot of new brides out there who don’t know where to start.

Obviously the first thing to do is choose your wedding dress, how many shops you go to and how many dresses you try on is really a very personal thing. But one thing we will say is one of the most frequently used phrases we hear is “you will know when you find ‘The One’”. This gives brides the idea that they will put on a dress and just know without a shadow of a doubt its their dress, they imagine a rush of emotion, angels singing and time slowing! Well maybe we are being a little dramatic, but you get the idea! Occasionally this does happen, but it is rare, for most brides this is too big of a decision to make in a split second. After all you only plan on doing this once, there is a lot of pressure not to get this crucial part of your wedding day wrong.

For most brides choosing the dress is more of a process, you might find a dress you particularly like that you start to compare every other dress to, and all other dresses fall short. Or you might have two favourite dresses, that are often completely different and you are faced with a decision, it might take a bit of thinking time but you will come to a decision, and when you do you will love your choice.

Once you have made that decision it is ordering time, we take a 50% non refundable deposit on the dress, and if you want to make any changes to the dress or buy any accessories at the same time we take a deposit for these too.

We will then take a bust, waist and hip measurement and compare these to the designers size chart, from this we will work out the best size to order for you, this means you will be ordered a dress made to a standard size, and may need alterations once it arrives so that you have the perfect fit.

Once your dress is ordered we advise you to start looking for shoes, a lot of girls put this off thinking I love buying shoes that will be an easy job, but if you leave it you can guarantee you will struggle to find shoes. And shoes are essential for your wedding dress fitting, without them we can’t pin the length of your dress.

Your dress will take between 3 -5 months to arrive depending on a few things such as which designer your dress is being ordered from, if you are having any changes to your dress etc.

Once you dress had arrived we will call you and ask you to make an appointment to come and collect your dress within 2 weeks.  When you collect we will try you in your dress and then ask you to sign that you are happy to accept the dress as per your order.  The rest of the balance is then due and your dress will be put in a dress bag and any accessories carefully wrapped ready for you to take home.  We will also give you the contact details of our recommended alterations specialist who you can make a separate appointment with to have the final alterations made so your dress is a perfect fit for your special day.

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