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Bras and Wedding dresses

Once the dress is chosen and has been delivered your bra is the next thing to think about. Unless you have a very full bust most dresses fit better without a bra, and our recommendation would be not to wear a bra.

However a lot of brides feel naked when they haven’t got their bra on and so we do our best to make the dress fit as well as possible with the bra of choice.

It often helps if you bring a few different bras to your dress fitting, leave the tags on so you can return the ones that don’t work. You will be amazed how different your dress fits when you try a selection of bra styles.

Try to avoid Basques, especially those with boning. Because your dress is so structured and boned it can be uncomfortable wearing 2 layers of boning. Basques can also be quite bulky, to the extent that your dress might not fit when you are wearing a Basque.

wonderbra ultimate strapless front copy


Over the years we have found one of the best bras is the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless, It is cut quite low all around so it doesn’t show above the dress, and still manages to give some lift to fill the front of the dress. Some of our brides have loved this bra so much they have almost worn the first one out and have to buy another new one for their wedding day!!




If you have a dress with a very low plunge at the front or back or both Ultimo do some great underwear solutions.J Ultimo low back body front copy J Ultimo low back body copy J Ultimo low back strapless bra copy















If you have a full bust then Bravissimo are very good and the shop in Nottingham has been highly recommended to us quite a lot over the years.                        

J Bravissimo contour strapless copy J Bravissimo contour strapless back copy



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