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San Patrick

Designed in Barcelona, and part of the Pronovias group, San Patrick wedding dresses exude elegance  and are made to the highest quality with sumptuous  fabrics. The current 2016 and soon to arrive 2017 collections feature tulle, lace and sheer effects to create stunning results.




  • Argel
  • Shivani
  • Zainala
  • Zenit
  • Zurana
  • Zureda
  • MadelaineMadelaine
  • MaduaMadua
  • MaisalMaisal
  • MakenaMakena
  • MalvaMalva
  • MarciaMarcia
  • MaviMavi
  • MelosaMelosa
  • MicolMicol
  • MikonosMikonos
  • MilanMilan
  • MiriamMiriam

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