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Wedding Dress Shapes and styles

When you first start looking for a wedding dress all of the different shapes and styles can seem a little daunting.  Although there are a lot of variations most dresses can be put in to 5 or 6 categories which I will introduce you to below.

There are “rules” out there as to which body shape should and shouldn’t wear each style, and I will mention these rules as we go through the styles. However I have never been one for following rules, and after 10 years working with brides I have seen the “rules” broken many times and with beautiful results.

So I really truly recommend trying on a little bit of everything when you first start looking. Take yourself out of your comfort zone, try on dresses that you think you know won’t suit you, you might just be surprised!

A Line or Princess cut:-
A Line

Shaped a little like the letter A this is the most flattering shape for all body types.

Flaring gently out from the waist the shapes narrows your waist whilst the skirt gently flows out disguising the hips and thighs.

A-line dress can be cut quite narrow and almost hug the hips at first, or they can be quite full.






ballgownAlso a very flattering shape, this style dress normally has quite a structured bodice, and a very full skirt.

The structure of the bodice cinches in your waist, combined with the fullness of the skirt a ballgown dress makes your waist look tiny, and the full skirt can be useful if you want to hide your hips and bum!!

This shape can be harder to wear if you are not very tall, as the fullness of the skirt can be a little overwhelming, but as I said earlier don’t rule it out until you have tried one on.



Empire line :-

EmpireThis shapes is fitted to just underneath the bust line and then flares out.

It is one of those shapes that a lot of brides initially think they want, and I can see why it is very simple and so pretty, and you would think that it would just flow over any lumps and bumps. However it is in my opinion a difficult shape to pull off as it does not give any definition to your figure and so can make you look bigger than you actually are, or that you are trying to hide something, many brides put this shape on and think maternity!

Having said all of this when this shape works on you it is beautiful, think Pride and prejudice ad Mr Darcy!





Fishtail, Mermaid, Trumpet:-


As you can see this shape has many names, and different people interpret the names slightly differently. But essentially they all mean a dress which is very fitted over the hips bum, and thighs and then flares out. The flare can start anywhere from the mid thigh to the knee.

A beautiful elegant shape that is very glamorous. The most important thing you need to wear this dress is confidence. I am not saying avoid it if you are not confident, if this shapes works on you it will give you all of the confidence you need!

Try a few of this style on as the cut can make all of the difference, you might hate the way you look in one and feel a million dollars in the next one you try, so don’t rule this style out too quickly!

Column Dress:-

columnSometimes called a sheath dress this style is fitted over the waist with a narrow straight skirt this can be a very flattering shape.

A great option if you don’t want a full skirt but you feel the fishtail shapes are little too figure hugging for your liking!

The column dress will flatter most shapes and sizes as long as you find the right cut for your figure.

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