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The meaning behind your wedding flowers

All flowers and plants have a meaning behind them. Although theses meanings have been passed down for thousands of years, it was the Victorians who really embraced Floriography (also known as the language of flowers) using it as a means of covert communication through floral gifts. It allowed people to express feelings that were not supposed to be spoken aloud in Victorian society.

If you can’t decide which flowers to have for your wedding why not take a leaf out of the Victorians book and tell a story with your flowers.

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Here are some examples of popular wedding flowers and their meanings.

Calla Lily

Calla lilly


These gorgeous Lily’s almost don’t look real with their perfect trumpet flowers, the are found in some stunning colours, as can be seen here.

The meaning behind Calla Lily’s is :- Magnificent Beauty









The daffodil is such a gorgeous vibrant spring flower, if the vibrant Yellow is not your choice there are some beautiful cream and pale yellow versions.

The meaning behind the Daffodil is:- Respect







Such a pretty flower, and available in so many different styles and sizes, they always fit in so well with a less formal even slightly bohemian theme.

The Meaning behind Daisies:- Loyal Love, Gentleness.







These tall summer blooms will add a real impact to your wedding flowers, and they come in an incredibly pretty selection of pinks blues, purples and white.

The meaning behind Delphiniums is:- Swiftness and lightness.








They have beautiful rows of trumpet flowers on each bloom, and they have the loveliest fragrance. As seen here they make an elegant bouquet in white, but they do grow in many different colours.


The Meaning behind freesias is:- Trust and innocence






GypsophilaGypsophila ( Baby’s breath)


Gypsophila, always looks stunning at a wedding, covered with tiny delicate little puffs of flowers. It compliments so many other flowers perfectly, but as can be seen here it makes a stunning statement all on its own. Gypsophila is mostly found in white, but it does also grow in a pretty delicate pink.


The meaning behind Gypsophila is:-  Fertility and Innocence






Hydrangeas have stunning blousy blooms made up of lots of smaller flowers, they look amazing as a bouquet, as well as table centres, and come in a gorgeous palette of colours.


The meaning behind the Hydrangea is:- Understanding.




With its spikes of pretty blooms Lilac is such a pretty relaxed choice of wedding flower, it has a gorgeous scent. They only flower from May to June, and may be difficult to find at other times of the year.

The meaning behind Lilac is:- Loves first emotions.





Some people see Lilies as a funeral flower, but with stunning big flowers and heady scent I think they make a gorgeous wedding display.


The meaning behind Lilies is- Truth and Honour.




lilly of the vallyLily of the Valley.


An incredibly pretty delicate little flower,  with a beautiful scent. carried by Kate Middleton on her wedding day proves they are a truly elegant and stylish choice.


The meaning behind Lily of the Valley:- Happiness






Such stunning flowers, with their waxy petals they look unreal, they grow in a selection of gorgeous colours and make a great wedding flower.


The meaning behind Orchids is:-  Love and Beauty






I must confess I am slightly biased towards the peony as I carried a peony bouquet on my wedding day! they are gorgeous blousy blooms crammed full of petals.


The meaning behind the peony is:- Happy Marriage and Prosperity.






Roses must be one of the most poplar wedding flowers, with the huge choice of colours and sizes and scents and all so

Rosesvery pretty it is easy to see why.


The meaning behind the Rose:- Joy






A simple little flower with an amazing scent, another flower with substantial waxy petals that can almost look unreal, they compliment many other flowers in a mixed bouquet, and would also look perfect in a brides hair.


The meaning behind Stephanotis is:- Marital Happiness




Sweat pea

Sweet Peas.

An incredibly delicate looking summer flower, I grow these every summer for their pretty range of colours and lovely scent.


The meaning behind Sweet Peas is:-  Passion

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