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Belsoie and B2 by Jasmine

We sell two bridesmaids collections by Jasmine: Belsoie and B2.

Belsoie is their high-end line of bridesmaids dresses. These dresses offer sophisticated, elegant and luxurious looks for wedding parties with flowing skirts and flattering necklines.

B2 dresses focus on fun and romance to create a bridal party look that stands out.

All Jasmine bridesmaids dresses are available in a range of colours and many are available in junior or maternity sizes too.



  • B183064
  • L144017
  • L164068
  • L164070
  • L174052
  • L184009
  • L184015
  • L184016
  • L184063
  • L184065
  • L184066
  • B163015
  • B173018
  • B183007
  • B183014
  • B183017
  • B183059
  • B183063
  • L164056
  • L174001
  • L174002
  • L174015
  • B183066
  • B193009
  • B193010
  • L194001
  • L194006
  • L194060
  • L194064
  • L194065

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