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Bridal Shoes

Shoes are often such a passion for a girl, and your wedding shoes, possibly one of the most important pairs of shoes you will buy. If the budget allows it is the perfect excuse to splash out. However this one pair of shoes must fulfil a big criteria.2 Jimmy Choo

1 Comfort2 not on the high street

In other situations you may be prepared to suffer for a pair of shoes that are just so pretty. But on your wedding day you want everything to be perfect. And throbbing blistered feet simply will not do!

Most of the shoes that are from wedding specific designers, for example Benjamin Adams, Pink and Rainbow club are designed with extra padding and comfort in mind. They understand that the first time you properly wear these shoes will be on you wedding day, they need to be comfortable from the start.

Although I have not yet indulged myself, I am told shoes from the top designers such as Gina, laboutin or jimmy choo are engineered to be comfortable. They spend money on research and construction quality, and it shows when you wear them. However as many of us simply don’t have the budget to append £500 on wedding shoes the best thing is to stick to wearing them in whilst doing the hovering!!

2 Fabric.2 monsoon

The classic wedding shoes are made out of fabrics such as satin silk and lace, they are beautiful and usually match so well with any dress. However if you choose a fabric shoe, you do need to make peace with the fact that by the end of the day, they are often ruined, even if you have a perfectly dry wedding day. If you are spending time in gardens the heels sink in and get stained by the soil, the dust kick up and begins to mark the front of the shoes, If the ground is damp on the day then the situation only gets worse!!

If you want a little bit of longevity from your wedding shoes go for leather or all over sparkle.

3 Heel Height2 Arabesque

A big consideration, not only relating back to comfort, but you need to consider the height of your future husband, if you are a similar height do you want to be taller than him on the day?

What size heal do you normally wear, if you never wear heal you don’t have to on your wedding day. A lot of people say you stand better in heals, but if you don’t walk well in them and don’t want to put the time in to be able to walk naturally in heals you might be better off sticking to flats. You will stand well on you wedding day whatever you have on your feet, you are in a gorgeous dress with your hair and make up done, how could you fail to stand proud.

Also its worth remembering that if you do go for a big heal and are considering changing to a lower heal later your dress will then be too long for you, which isn’t a massive problem but you might have to pick your dress up to walk around.

4 Matching 2 manolo blahnik

An amazing thing seems to happen when you buy Ivory wedding shoes. Even though there are infinite different shades of Ivory, most Ivory shoes compliment most Ivory dresses, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Although it is a good idea to check the colour against a swatch or your dress to check you are happy with it.

However you don’t have to wear Ivory shoes. A lot of brides choose to have a bit of a wow with the shoes, and pick a pair the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses. We have even had brides go for customised converse, or wellingtons. With a long full skirt the world is really your oyster, as most people only see your shoes when you choose to show them off!

5 Buy in advance2 next
Buying shoes is a job so many brides put off, and then end up either panic buying 5 pairs of shoes on the internet desperately trying to find a style they love, and then waiting by the front door hoping they are delivered in time for the dress fitting. Or visiting 3 different cities in the same weekend hunting for that elusive tiny kitten heal!
Prioritise your shoes, make it an enjoyable experience, and don’t forget to take them to your dress fitting!!

2 ted baker exclusive range for John lewis copy

Below you can find the details of where you can buy all of the shoes featured on this page X





Monsoon style Vivien Vintage Lace Shoe £89 monsoon do beautiful shoes which many of our brides wear ion their wedding day.
A special range by Ted Baker for John Lewis ‘Peetch Suede Court Shoes’ Nude £140 a gorgeous range with some stunning detail, John lewis stocks a range of bridal shoe designers

Next ‘Heatseal T-Bar Point Court Shoes’ £40 Next is a very popular choice for our brides and their bridesmaids, a lovely range at affordable prices

Harriet Wilde style pictures is ‘Bridgette grey & gold roses’ £399 Harriet Wilde shoes are sold in many places, we found this example on the website below which stocks a great range wedding shoes by various designers £399

Mandarina Shoes style shown above Pearl And Satin Trim £148, you can find some gorgeous shoes by various designers on Not on The High Street.

Jimmy Choo style shown ‘Abel’ £595 an absolute classic designer to choose if you want to splash out for your wedding

Manolo Blahnik the classic Sex and the City Hangisi 105 Satin Pumps £685.89 following Carrie on sex and the city these are on of the most popular designer wedding shoes, also available in Ivory, they are difficult to find on the internet in the UK, they are stocked in many stores, and can also be bought using the link below

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